Risk Assessments
and Site Surveys

A comprehensive risk assessment is the key to a safe, reliable and easily maintainable system, it should list all risks and method of mitigation. A site survey can determine the status of you current system and identify steps required to meet current legislation.

Wessex Gate Safety can provide risk assessments and surveys to a professional standard.

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Planned Maintenance
and Servicing

There is a legal obligation for all automated equipment to be maintained on a regular basis. The maintenance routine should also cover safety aspects such as risk assessment review, manual release check and testing of safety devices.

Wessex Gate Safety can provide ongoing service agreements to meet this requirement.

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Ensuring compliance can be a major issue for organisations with a portfolio of properties, especially if differing systems are installed across the sites.

Wessex Gate Safety can offer an outsourced solution to ensure your organisation is meeting its ongoing obligations for the safe operation of automated equipment.

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If your automation system is not CE marked and you are not in possession of a certificate of conformity then it is highly likely that your installation is not compliant to current safety standards.

Wessex Gate Safety can assist in bringing your current installation up to the required level to comply with current legislation.

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Welcome to our site!

Wessex Gate Safety specialise in assisting clients with all aspects of gate safety.

Providing a wide range of services for both businesses and private residents, we can assist in ensuring your gate operate safely and conform to the appropriate standards.

We are not tied to any particular brand or manufacturer, so all our advice is completely independent and unbiased.

Whether as long term partners working with our clients to establish and maintain compliance on their automation systems or providing assistance on specific projects; we have helped our clients develop suitable and pragmatic solutions to their requirements.

Featured Services

  • Consultancy Services
    Whether as long term partners or providing assistance on specific projects, we can assist in all aspects of access automation legislation.
  • Force Evaluation Tests
    All systems that employ force limiting technology to meet CE compliance should be tested annually in accordance with EN 12453 and EN 12445.
  • Competent Person Service
    All safety devices and features should be checked on a regular basis. We can provide an ongoing service to ensure that your system continues to work both safely and efficiently.

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